Sick cat. What should I do?

I brought a kitten before I become unwell and got sectioned in 2010. My sister took the cat to look after as I was unable too. She’s had the cat 9 years and I haven’t seen him in 4 years since she moved house.

The cat become ill because of kidney failure, I said I would go half of vet bills, well it turns out vet bills and food are costing more then £200 + a month and she expects me to pay half. I said I cannot afford it and the person looking after my money (appointee) won’t justify me paying her £100 a month. I said I want to see the cat but she’s always busy and never makes time for me… Anyway I only see her 4 times a year max… I do feel slightly pressurised and she has laid the guilt trip on me big time… I do feel guilty but realistically if I still had the cat I couldn’t justify paying £200 a month… Am I in the wrong?

I know my sister will use it against me if I don’t pay…

If my cat requires that kind of money o keep it alive I would have to put her under. A few years ago we had to put my cat under and it was like $150 for creamation.

I take my cat to the vet once a year for checkup and rabies shots. But once the cat starts costing more than that, it’s time to move onto another cat.

Also, my cat is a house cat and the only reason I take it in annually for checkup is because when you go to adopt a cat, they will call your vet and see if you kept up with regular checkups and rabies shots. If you haven’t they will not let you adopt. It’s really too bad, I guess they would rather put a cat under vs. giving it to a loving home.

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I would have her put down.

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