Shyness or negative symptoms

Should our social isolation be treated as shyness?

E.g.: Would it help if I read books about shyness in order to get more social?

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I think it wouldn’t hurt.


I’m thinking in buying some books about shyness and NLP, but I have the limiting thought (maybe a delusion) that I shouldn’t read these kind of books because it’s not my problem.

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are you diagnosed @brugluiz? me too I avoid reading psychological books. me too I am kind of a rebel who think that my meds will help me more than the reading… but ok, I suffer from lack of motivation to read and the paranoia sometimes makes me to isolate. do you suffer from paranoia? most of people who went through shyness say that we should learn to love ourselves. but yes, its quite difficult when you are a schizophrenic…

Yes, I’m diagnosed as schizophrenic (I don’t know which type).

Not just reading, but through therapy as well.

Once I thought I had lack of motivation to read books, then I challenged myself (with the help of my therapist) and read two books in a month. But I admit that I hadn’t had so much pleasure of reading them. I read as an obligation. But we can read.

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me, i read too(not psy books but other ones) and like you- I have no pleasure from them, its tough…

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I was shy before I got schizophrenia. In social situations I drank alcohol to calm my nerves. I’m not an addict, barely drink anymore. But I also barely go out anymore.

I drank a lot of alcohol as well. Nowadays I think there’s a mix of negative symptoms (e.g.: alogia) and shyness.

Yeah it can be difficult to parse out which are the negative effects, and which are symptomatic of other illness.

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