Shows shouldn't be allowed to advertise during another show

I’m watching Nickelodeon for the Spongebob marathon,

Because it’s Saturday,

And I’m noticing so many ads DURING the show.

They’ll pop something up on the screen about some other thing and it stays up for a while.

I’ve noticed it on other channels too.

I don’t like it.

Shouldn’t be allowed.


I just stopped reading at your first sentence. Now rexy……

Spongebob marathon…. Lol

I always watch it while in the hospital. So only a smidgen of no judgement from me.



I use to watch Spongebob once in a while. Pretty entertaining for a kids cartoon. Some adult humor mixed in sometimes. Haven’t seen it in awhile though. Too bad about the ads!


Although I will say, when I’m watching a “certain” channel, it always advertises discovery+ and I’m like, I already have that damn site, give me something new. And I recognize I am spoiled because I can’t stand commercials because I have so many stream sites that I can binge watch.

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Omg yes. Especially if a little screen pops up and starts playing clips from the advertised show.

If only the ads would at least be relevant to what you’re watching.

Instead they’re like “You’re watchint an intense thriller about a serial killer. You should watch this reality show where old skanks get daydrunk on wine. Or how about a banner that takes up half the screen, where two people who are polar opppsites are standing back-to-back?”


Advertising in general is a scourge.

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