Showering problems

I don’t have hygiene problems.

Showering is fine actually.

But when you are naked in there and there is someone in there with you saying “i’ll rip out your spine.” You tend to not enjoy it as much.

And as the torture continues and you are drained and the bags under your eyes grow you appear more and more lazy, but you are just burned.


Oh that is terrible. When I have voices they are usually neutral saying things like “she has no idea” etc…My problem in the shower is that I’m paranoid there are cameras in there.

I’m just too unmotivated to shower. Thinking about changing meds to see if that helps.

I’m so sorry that you have to deal with that. My ‘watchers’ are with me all the time, including the shower. They have tortured me before but not in the shower (yet). They just push a button and can make me absolutely terrified without even touching me. It’s awful.

When I take a shower, I count… like literally start at 1 and go on… keeps my mind focused and away from the voices

I have a hard time getting myself to shower too. I have no voices tormenting me. I just simply don’t like or want to take showers. I don’t like the whole process. And the thought that I gotta do the whole thing over again soon is more than I can bear.