Showering everyday again now

My hygiene went downwards for a while.

Had my haircut at the weekend and eyebrows done (dislike that. Not a nice experience).

I am now showering every day which is the normal for me and has been for many years.

The new medicine is working out. Just more of an update.

Also my family came to see me the other night and they seemed happy. The neighbour was talking to me last night and she seemed happy. Or maybe it’s me that’s hsppier who knows.

My GP called me yesterday because I am now only taking medicine morning and night and while she was on the phone to me she said how thrilled my nurse was.

I am really hanging on to that. Positive feedback is something I really need and cling to during hard nights or tough times.


Sup girl what are u doing now…

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I am chilling out. It’s very early here in the UK. I have an app at the hospital in the morning for an x Ray (nothing serious). Drinking some morning coffee.

Are you in India ? I think u are I recall. I would love to travel to Goa.

What are you doing ?

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Sounds great @Qwerty. Glad everything’s working out for you!


Nope i am from nepal … its a birthplace of buddha…do u know???

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Small victories are the path to wellness! You form some good habits and do them regualarly and it makes a big difference to your mental health! Ride out those good times and well done you!


I’m very glad to hear that you’re doing better! I remember when I could only take “bucket baths” and couldn’t shower. I think it makes everything feel worse when you aren’t clean like normal.

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Baths are for cleaning! :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t bath enough, so good for you.

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Good for you.
I usually shower every other day but I really struggle to dunk myself and brush my teeth enough.

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Awesome!! That’s great news. You know it’s a good sign the meds are right when your hygiene comes back.

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At the point where you wish … why couldn’t/ didn’t I start this months ago because I’m getting so much more prolonged hours of sleep instead of being deprived.

Things are smoothing out. There is negativity about this drug. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some muscle aches that are improving and a bit of a sore arm a couple of days later. But so far not having to take an extra 4 pills a day and not functioning thisngood in a while so far is worth it.

So wanted to put this positivity out there

Case closed.

Thanks. X

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My ass stinks if I don’t take two showers a day. From sweat and farting and stuff. It gets really musky. So I shower twice a day everyday. And it seems to be working for me.

Other problem areas are the groin area and the armpits. I can’t go 12 hrs without washing.