Shower more?

Really hoping the ‘shower more’ reference isn’t a result of the feedback I posted.

Because, awkward.




Pull the strings pix… change the world… great power… great responsibility.

What I hate about advertisements is that there is a high probability the guy in the photo is not mentally ill and just a paid ad model.


stock photo… they pick some odd folks for those adds…

there was a are sz attractive thread a year ago… might actually hold up… aside from weight issues

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sz attractive?

Also that shower thing is creepy.

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can’t find the link…

it was a thread though. I think this only archives back to april of last year at this point.

What was it about?

kind of a analyse the theory mixed with a hot or not kind of thing…

the general consensus… was it didn’t amount to ■■■■… I’d might suggest otherwise… but we here on this site are the more sociable of the sz folk… I’d say both men and women i’ve seen on here are quite attractive… but perhaps it’s because I understand their suffering… can relate to their photos as the seem like me…

they seem like good people…

Did you mean this?

nah good try though…

it was something like

"are schizophrenic(or sz) people more attractive) something like that

This reminds me I need to take a shower today