Show me the way

Where the wine flows like water and the cars are fast and the women faster. Show me the way :slight_smile:


Peter frampton made a good song show me the way.

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Damn right 31415

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Yeah, it was on his live double album. “Frampton Comes Alive” In the seventies (and maybe longer after that) it was the best selling live album ever.


Don’t dis frampton comes alive, it was amazing. Do you feel like I do?

If you could come over and listen to it on my stereo you would crap your pants

Yeah I have the live version downloaded. I guess that’s THE version. I also have do you feel like we do LIVE. another classic. My dad claims he’s friends with Peter frampton. I was gonna see peter frampton live in concert this summer at mountain jam. I asked my dad to call him and ask him to get me tickets. He said he hasn’t talked to him since the early 80s, but claims he would still remember him.

Peter Frampton rocks !! I still listen to that album on Spotify.

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OK, that’s cool. Sounds like a good time.I’ll bring a spare pair of pants.

I’m still talking about a steredile grade a stereo, all components. I do t talk to many people about this