Show about mental hospital

I was watching House they other day and he was sent to the state hospital for treatment. I dunno they really played up people with mental illness. Like we all walk around with a tic and screaming all the time, falling on the floor holding our head to stop the voices. like we all sit around shitting and peeing ourselves.


Dr. House show? I loved that. But since I got sz it triggers me now to see sick ppl and blood etc

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Wait… You mean, we don’t?



Some mental illness is that bad.
A lot of us are blessed not to be that severe.



I guess I was just trying to poke a little fun at a stereotype.

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Sometimes I have tics and pace around and talk to myself and rock back and forth to self-soothe.

Every once in a while I’ll think, wow if someone were watching me right now they’d think I was crazy.

Then I think, oh right, I am. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Some people do. Last time I was in the psych ward there was a grown woman who had the mind of a child and the hospital would only allow her so much liquid per day cos she kept peeing on herself. But even so tv shows do overdo it for sure

Haha :joy: you silly!

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I understand the desire to say that people with schizophrenia are just like everyone else, and in essence that’s true, but at the same time we would be doing a great disservice to people with schizophrenia who are severely suffering by pretending they don’t exist.

All people with schizophrenia, regardless of level of function, need to be embraced.

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In the two I’ve been in one requires that the patient is not low functioning and the other one has different wards depending on functioning, safety etc.

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