Should've done what my parent said

I was making a color chart for my watercolour set today, and my mom came to hang on clothes in my balcony and started talking about how there’s no need to make a color chart because you would just look at the names of the paint, and how the palette I got is no good, and pouring the paint in half-pans is a bad idea.

So I quit making a colour chart, and said I wanted to write my essay because I was caught up on time.

I know that she never told me to stop or not make colour charts, but I just felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. And I don’t know how to say no to her because I feel like her opinion is the best. I feel terrible but I just feel like I have to listen to her.


Your thoughts and opinions have a lot of value. It’s ok to think separately from your mom

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Some people get easy with the parents, some get a hard life…
I hope to see your next painting.
For me, it always looks peaceful and calming…
Guess it’s reflection of your soul…

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