Shouldn't we all be grateful




But better than what they did to schizophrenia patience in history.


That’s my point, at least we’re not in a psych ward performing lobotomy on us.


I wish i could be off my meds though and at least cure the insomnia.


Insomnia sucks, definitely if you’re like me and hearing voices through the walls.


I hear them inside of me they even talk through me.


I have thought like ones and ones through the walls


I had that too.


Do you hear your family thru the walls


No, only random voices that don’t make sense


No just what i think are the next door neighbors


John, I was so glad that both my mom and dad came to Virginia when I was in my 1st serious breakdown. I was so delusional… called my dad and said I needed help. When he got there, he asked me if I wanted him to call my mom. I thought she was dead. They’ve both passed away, but I’ll never forget that.


I’m sorry for your loss, but that must be a decent memory, having your dad there to help you through your first break.


I spent 5 months in solitary confinement with no meds, so I know what it feels like to be locked in a dingy cell with no meds and left to go insane. It was probably like that for people locked in asylums a hundred or so years ago. I don’t recommend it, it’s a horrifying experience, and it’s a good thing that treatment facilities don’t send you there immediately like they may have once done.


Wow man, I’m glad I haven’t even gone to the hospital. That must have sucked.


My family didn’t handle my first break well, and I knew nothing about schizophrenia so I wasn’t prepared. If someone had taken me in and explained the disorder to me, or maybe if I’d found this forum sooner, I could have avoided going out into public and getting in trouble.


I’m lucky that my parents took it well, and kept me home, even though I had a suicide attempt.


I’m grateful for this huge cup of lemonade. A hundred years ago they didn’t allow schizophrenics to drink lemonade or other cheap, powdered drinks from Walmart. Society has come a long way.


Yeah I bet…


I know what you mean but I am pretty bitter too. Still I appreciate the meds.

Without them I would be in a straight jacket in a rubber room. Certainly glad I wasn’t born in the 19th century. I would have been in an asylum.