Shoulda never gone off meds

When I was told I had epilepsy, it was recommended I go off antipsychotics. Shoulda consulted the pdoc. Now I’m back to square one. On antipsychotics, but doing okay. I’m mad at myself for not going to the pdoc before listening to the neuro. Lesson learned.


sorry that is happening, hopefully you stabalise soon.
take care

Hang in there @alien99 things like this happen try not to be so hard on yourself, this shall pass


Sometimes you can get withdrawal psychosis, especially if you don’t taper the antipsychotics down gradually. Glad you are at least doing okay.

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I’d say don’t be so hard on yourself… you were acting according to information given by a doc. I have a feeling we would all take that doc at his word… (Super… no more meds.)

I’m sorry you have to get pulled through this again. It’s more the frustrating. Stay strong… I’m rooting for you.

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