Should users be able to change there profile name?

I find this pretty confusing when users change there profile names a lot.
It’s almost like multi accounting but not the same

What do you think about it?


Im actually not allowed to change my username for some reason even though i like the sound of mine it has a nice ring to it and other various reasons as well. However Im cool with it as long as u say “hey its me”

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i get very confused :confused:
i think people have left…but they are still here !?! :scream:
i start talking to them like they are a ’ newbie '…what the !?! :ghost:
take care :alien:


Haha exactly! They should know better than to try to trick a sith lord and a fat cat :blush:

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@szadmin @velociraptor what do you guys think?

It is slightly confusing, but I get why people want to do it. It helps when they identify themselves under their new name. Multi accounting is worse because the culprits are usually trying to get around a ban.

Unless someone has a legitimate reason to change their username, I don’t think it should be allowed.

I went ion another site that allowed one name change per year. You didn’t even need admins permission, you just changed it in your profile and it would let you do it once per year.

I think you should be forced to make a thread announcing you’ve changed names

I’m not a big fan of changing usernames constantly.

My view strictly as a user.


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