Should the government? provide us bodyguards?

since we’re not allowed guns? how to protect ourselves?

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Hmm. . .

Choose Door #1


Choose Door #2

It Is Up To You.

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I would like free bodyguards lol


Learn Kung fu? lol. IDK. I don’t really feel I need bodyguards. They would probably get annoying once the novelty wore off.


You’ve not heard of the police service?!?


I have a taser gun.

I also have a nightstick that has these pointy things on the end that can be used for stabbing.

If I have to give up my shotgun,

I’ll still have those and feel safe.


Oh and I have three dogs that will bite your ■■■■■■■ face off.

That also works.


My cat will treat you with indifference and pass gas in your general direction.


This reminds me of

“Should we be helping schizophrenics by hiring people to follow them everywhere they go, and stand outside their window at night? As bodyguards?”


I ask myself the same question since I’m worried about my safety from becoming the dictator.

Some people use pepper sprays to defend themselves. I think it’s a good self-defence tool.


Yes, yes and yes.
The government should provide this for people, why not, they put us through so much.
We can’t have guns (not that I would want one) or taser or even pepper spray here is Australia. Like nothing at all. I don’t think that is fair.
When we have people following others around the shops etc for whatever reason being all angry I feel we should be either provided with the information of why this is happening and who exactly is doing this or body guards. I’ve been tempted to hire one in the past and I won’t say no to hiring one in the future if I feel necessary. The police probably are not much help as apparently they aren’t trained in mental health.
I don’t think one person has gone and lived in the world without feeling vulnerable at least once. I think the government should definitely provide protection.
I went to the police recently as I was feeling unsafe and all they did was dob me into the council for having unregistered pets, that I told them. Just rude. lol Now I have a letter of action to register my pets, which is ok but geese, like are they that unaware of whats going on now days? Just a heads up.

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It’s very rare to hear someone on here got assaulted.

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That’s great to hear Nick. Does that mean your trying to silence me?

@Orbeezlight proselytising isn’t allowed. It’s perfectly ok to have faith but please don’t preach to the forum.

No not at all. After being here more than ten years I have heard of assaults, but not many.
If you aren’t doing anything illegal and you keep your nose clean then people should be OK.

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Ok, I’ve been here 3 years or so and I have always kept my nose clean and never done anything illegal, sorry and as boring to say. :blush: I’m good on my side.

I wish I had multiple bodyguards with my feelings of unsafety. From the government. I feel so alone.

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