Should some workplaces have mandatory IT classess especially for 40+ people?

There are so many workplaces that people are falling behind basic knowledge of computing. For example: my mom works at a musuem and typically women have almost no knowledge of computers. My mom doesnt know the difference between internet browsers like microsoft edge and chrome, to her its just google. And if google mail ia not displaying on home screen, she doesnt know how to access it. I had numerous times to come to her work to clear some basic browser errors. You will be shocked how many workplaces still use windows xp. Some basic it classess i think would do wonders to some. Like today i had to teach how to zip some files because she previously had never had heard zipping. Also classess would include cyber security. Too many people fall victim to some stupid extortion. I remember one day walking home from school and my sister and mom were about to upload credit card details for the 1 millionth visitor non sense.

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