Should people with disabilities not be allowed to go on vacation?

Some of my support staff think I shouldn’t get benefits and if it was up to them they would make me work. I’m sure they are bad mouthing me behind my back because I go abroad so often. They make comments saying I know how to work the system. Jealousy but it makes me feel bad like I shouldn’t be enjoying myself. Thankfully my community nurse and social worker and pdoc are all supportive with me going on holiday. I just can’t cope with the snide remarks from my support staff and the gossiping.


I’m not allowed or able to vacation much. It boils down to how advanced the cardiac care is where I’m going and if they accept my medical insurance because I can’t purchase additional travel med.


People with disabilities should be able to go on vacations.


Um that’s the most ableist bulls*it I’ve ever heard is there a reaso. To believe that


From what you’ve said,

You make their lives a living hell.

They probably don’t get to go on vacations themselves after working their asses off.

I’d be pissed too.

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Can you complain about your support staff to them? It’s not right for them to make remarks like that.

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I told my community nurse and he said they shouldn’t be telling me these things are making me feel bad

@Charles_Foster I don’t make their lives a living hell, its not my fault some staff have breakdowns in front of me, quit or get sacked after I’ve reported them for having breakdowns.

You said you try to mess with them.

You’ve admitted as much.

The singing, the shows, all of it.

I don’t care about your vacations.

I think you’re a little braggy about it, but that’s fine.

The way you treat your staff isn’t right though.

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@Charles_Foster you haven’t a clue how I treat my staff.

You’re very lucky that you can go off on holidays so often . Many of us can’t afford to do so.

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@firemonkey I know I’m lucky but I know many services users in supported living who = go on many holidays with either their staff of family.

You’ve literally posted about how you torture your support staff. Singing the same thing over and over at them, forcing them to watch the same show for 6 hours every day, and who knows what else. Trying to make them have breakdowns

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I’ve changed my ways.

You recently posted about the tv show. A month or less, I believe.

I now ask the staff if they would like to watch a program with me and if they don’t I change the channel to something be both want to watch. I only reserve watching the same program for certain staff which dislike me and are nasty about me gossiping.

I also stopped ripping newspapers up in little peases and chucking them all over the floor which the staff them had to clean up. I’ve matured since them.

The fact that you’ve ever done that is enough for the staff to hate you.

These people take care of you.

Have a little ■■■■■■■ respect.


I’m actually quite liked by 90% of the staff and all housemates.


If you need a support staff how do you make it on a vacation by yourself?

Why not just get your own place. They wouldn’t have a clue what you are doing then.