Should my boyfriend take clozaril? Any advice?

I’m wondering about people’s experience with clozapine. My boyfriend’s symptoms are not well controlled. His doctor has asked him to consider clozapine. I’ve been reading all I can find about the medication and am wondering if anyone has any advice or experience to share about their experience with this medication. Thank-you so much!

I’m gonna request that this gets moved to the family forum where you should go to find answers to questions like these.
We are not doctors and therefore we cannot reccomend any medications to you

Oh, ok. sorry about that.

It’s a terrible med and should only be used as a last resort. He will gain a ton of weight, drool and need regular (weekly) blood tests. But if his illness is not responding to anything else then the doctors might reccomend it.

Yeah, his doctor is recommending it. It worries me.

I took it once fifteen years ago and I’m ok. It did not help me but I have a strange illness. If they monitor him he should be ok. It really sucks to have an illness like this. Good for you for sticking with him

I’m lucky to have him too. He’s the best person I know. I wish people with serious mental illnesses would get more credit from society for their courage and perseverence. He’s been ill for 11 years and he doesn’t give up.


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If he’s tried EVERYTHING else and nothing works, then, he should try Clozaril. Yes. But only then.

my sister has been on everything else and is now on clozaril, shes been out of the hospital atleast but she doenst take good care of her self

I had a kind of novel experience on clozapine. It totally destroyed my sense of balance. When I took it I was in serious danger of doing a nose dive into the carpet. They had to take me off of it because no one can function even a little bit when they’re like that.

Clozapine is suppose to be the gold standard for schizophrenia.

Thank-you all for your replies. It turned out he is a slow metabolizer of trintellix, it activated him too much.

His psychiatrist reduced the dosage and he is doing so much better. He’s not psychotic and his rage is greatly decreased. Also the trintellix is working well for his depression.