Should I work out again?


Want to hit the gym again, but my delusions want me to fast for Jesus. Should I workout again?


If you know it’s a delusion then you have power over it. If you do know it’s a delusion, I would think, you can do what you want.


Workout for Jesus I’m sure he won’t mind.


I have gotten into powerlifting…I think going to the gym is good. Exercise is good. Fasting is harmful unless you are overweight…


if jesus was around to day i reckon he would go to the gym, have a tattoo , be into yoga, and say wise things at odd occasions.
one of those dudes who always knows the best coffee shop and buy the most amazing sandwiches with odd ingredients in, wow my mind is on a tangent today.
i say go to the gym !
take care


Fasting is a good idea. Actually fasting reduces the symptoms of schizophrenia, but i dont know how many days is necessary. I am going to try fasting for 3 days once i eliminate sleeping pill. And once i can handle 3 days next time i will do it for 7 days. I asked my doctor about fasting and taking med at the same time, she said thats fine, taking my med on empty stomach is just fine.