Should i try and paint reborns?

Id really like to get good at this art but honestly im not sure i have got the talent. I struggle with art at the best of times but wouls love to be able to try.

What does painting reborns mean?

Realistic baby dolls

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You mean new Borns? :joy:

I think you should go for it !

The kits are hella expensive though

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Yea give Bourne’s identity

For connoisseurs

What is that ?


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It’s a movie with Matt Damon as main actor.

Bourne’s identity.

Action-packed, first of a series.


i saw this on youtube, they are very realistic

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They are


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You’ll wind up with an expensive reminder of what you don’t have and that you want. My suggestion is to buy a bike or a rollerskates or something that gets you moving outdoors and having fun. Redirect your thinking elsewhere.


use photos of the baby dolls instead of first having to buy them !! I paint almost to the tee from photos…