Should I tell them to shut up or swear at them

They are always commenting about me but I don’t think it is a good idea to swear or yell at them, they don’t know who I am or why I am thinking these thoughts

Are people bothering you? Try ignoring them and see what happens first.

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It might make matters worse. Maybe if I yelled at them first they would have left me alone, but is it too late.

Scream, if you want in your pillow if you have neighbors. Swearing might give you a little strength but look further for a solution.

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My friend screams when she is upset but I don’t. I thinking it should be therapeutic like yelling at a mountain top.

@see121 it can take the emotional charge out of what you are going through. I yell in the car on the road, if I can’t deal with it, then I don’t have to . Its not so immediate of a problem, then. Keep it private.

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