Should I tell him that he can´t stay at my place?

We both are going to study abroads in the same city. He hasn´t found a room yet and the odds of him finding a place by August aren´t very good.

He implicitly understood that he can sleep at my place until he finds a room. He´s making plans of just staying with me and try to find a room in person.

My intention is to live alone. I´m not in the mood for sharing my room with someone else. I could let him stay at my place but I don´t see how this benefits me. On the other hand, people usually have no problems letting friends stay for a short period of time, for what I know.

How should I adress the issue? Am I beeing selfish here?

I would HATE sharing a room with someone, unless that person is a significant other. It’s my personal space and I dont like sharing it.

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Put yourself in his shoes and see if you can help.


Im trying to help him find a room since last month. If I put myself in his shoes I would just rent an hotel room and pay those extra days in there.

But he isn´t in a good economic position. And he comes from a more “hippie” background than me where these things are pretty normal.

And I don´t know how to tell him that without looking like an ■■■■■■■.

He will be my only friend there in the beginning and I don´t want to antagonize him.

Just explain yourself. You have every right to. I would let him crash at your place but make it very clear and understood that it is temporary and he needs to find a more permanent solution.

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