Should I take the blue pill or the red pill

So here’s my issue I’m currently on risperidone 3 mg and have absolutely no libido. Its starting to impact on my relationship as it use to be twice a week
In January I see my psychiatrist and have two choices one to lower my meds further maby in 0.5mg increments down to 2mg over a period of a year or two which will be a 33 percent reduction which should have a significant improvement in libido.The risk with this is of course relapsing like I did on fluonxol on an equivalent dose which was 20 mg monthly depot
My gut tells me I won’t relapse on risperidone because I’ve never been this stable in my life. The other option is abilify which might not be as effective and which according to my pdoc he has had many patients relapse on in any event usually they don’t change a med that is working. So which would it be blue pill risperidone or red pill ability.

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I say go for the red pill, abilify

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Try Abilify with a low low dose of risperdone. I added it to mt invega and feel human again. Even desire sex, which on invega and risperdone i didn’t at all.