Should i switch to Vraylar from Saphris soon is that even safe?

Saphris is controlling positive symptoms and not too much sedation like seroquel did but i am still depressed and negative symptoms (possibly lyme or co infections causin this ya i know its very bad)

Neuro Science is so not cool enough sadly enough we live in some sort of dark ages friends :frowning:
You know what cheers me up star trek discovery and the orville space ships and doctors who actually scan your brain and do a proper diagnosis thats what we need, the rest is ■■■■■■■■!

ok so here something positive for you all.

Saphris is great because it controls hallucinations, low to none sedation, low to no weight gain, no chest pains like seroquel and invega (very good sign)

something negative to say, im still suffering from depression and negative symptoms every second now, but i dont know if its lyme or co infection or neuroborrela, i do know i got into remission with minocycline 50 mg after 3 days but it was only for a month i got bad side effects in my GUT and all and another anti biotic against this disease…

APs don’t really do a lot for negatives.

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Seroquel did it was my first one i responded could it be the histamine effect that cured me temporary like ketamine they discovered something like that too, none of the AP got me into remission except seroquel in 2004… for 2 months psychosis free and negative symptoms gone too but then relapsed and never worked before as in “med poop out”, dear Lord please help us all, and forgive our sins please…
i’m not joking, a girl i knew commit suicide a week ago… i didnt know her that good… but our paths crossed…

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I’m sorry to hear that. That’s rough. Vraylar is supposed to be quite activating. But it’s all russian roulette when you change meds.

Best of luck with whatever decision you and your doctor make.

Vraylar is amazing. I take it. Only med that doesn’t make me want to off myself. Doesn’t work really for my delusions per say. But my doctor wants to up my dosage to 12 mg.

As a former computer simulator and time traveler, I believe clozaril is the best AP and was given to us by time travelers to help us. Personally, I prefer Vraylar and wasn’t on clozaril that long to make or suggest it.

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I was 6 months on clozaril its a dangerous med and didnt help me at all

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