Should I suffer for society? Is it ethical?

Thats just something depressed people say. The filter thingy. Its not a thing

And who do you mean by those who suffered the most for society? I hope you won’t say Jesus…

Use your head bro. I dont want to do all the thinking for you too. Or it’s your powerful fitler

You have no answer, whatever. Btw never say such a thing in your first post to a suicidal person. Have some empathy and be respectful.

Wish we could be a little more open about suicide on the forum, but I kinda understand why were not allowed to talk about it. It’s a double edged sword.

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You could ask your pdoc to try different med’s. If you keep trying you might find something that works without the awful side effects. Don’t be confrontational with your pdoc. Be earnest, but not in any way hostile. If you show your pdoc you’re willing to work with him he might be sympathetic.


I always feel shitty the few hours before sleep, 9 to 11pm. Maybe because the caffeine I take in the morning boosts my mood. I will try taking caffeine at 5pm, hope it doesn’t disrupt my sleep.

You sound so much like my elder brother in this post it’s so weird. Anyway, I think you should also try other forms of treatment like CBT or electroconvulsive therapy (just a few sessions first). I’m hoping either or both may work. For side effects from ECT there are a few drugs that may help with them… you can speak with your psychiatrist about them. Also, it’s best you talk with family or friends when feeling suicidal if you need encouragement. Or you could just tell us here :slightly_smiling_face:. There’s lots of encouraging people on here who care about you.


Is it wrong to be strong? You be the judge

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You’re not doing anything for society. You have a personal health problem. If you want to beat your negatives go back on abilify for a while, like a year. It will take a while for the impulse control problems to establish themselves, most likely. Then go back on risperdal once you’re back in shape.

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I think that’s a good idea. You had gambling issues on abilify but were functioning much better. You could try to beat the gambling addiction with supplements for ocd like NAC and ADHD medication like DMAE. DMAE used to be a prescription medication, but since 1983 I think, it has been a over the counter drug.

It is possible you can get a better handle on your life on abilify doing some tweaks. It would give you a new basis for experimenting with supplements. Things that don’t work for you now might work on abilify.


After all it’s not about finding a ap that obliterates all negative traits in us. Nothing does that. There are probably millions of people in the world with a gambling issue that are not taking medications.