Should I suffer for society? Is it ethical?

I take APs to not be violent but its disabling me making me stay in bed 24/7. I am sacrificing myself for society. I think its unethical.

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I need to put myself first.

and how would you do that @Aziz ? By going off your antipsychotics?


Yea or maybe reduce my dose to the minimum therapeutic dose.

Or maybe they should offer me help in ending everything.

Please don’t hurt yourself.

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We can’t talk about that here Aziz.
Are you still willing to try Vraylar when it comes to Canada? Did you completely give up on Clozapine?

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I won’t because it will make my parents suffer.

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I can’t wait anymore for Vraylar and I can’t do blood tests for Clozapine.

I know the temptation to reduce meds, so I understand where you are coming from.
IDK @Aziz , you have told us all the horror stories of your past attempts to reduce/quit meds. Are you sure you aren’t just heading for the same result?

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Yes but there still one sure way out.

I really wish you wouldn’t talk like that @Aziz . Life doesn’t last that long. Why cut it short prematurely?

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Well, did you enjoy being violent? There’s your answer.

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Are there any positive ways you can do this? A new hobby or habit? A strong desire is a good place to start for anyone looking to improve themselves or their circumstances.

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why is this website preventing people from telling others to go off ap? There are studies that show a lot of schizophreniac doing better after going off antipsychotic after being on them for a few years.

It is an option for people who are sick of being on them.

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Were you suffering less when you were off ap’s?. When I hear more voices - in general - I suffer more.

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The last time a user in this community talked me into going off my meds I damaged both my marriage and my finances. You can take your advice and stick it in a dark, moist place.



There are pros and cons of being on and off antipsychotics, even a professionally trained psychiatrist will tell you the same things.

There is an obvious risk that you will do things you ultimately regret later when you come off antipsychotics, there is however also a benefit where some patients are able to come off them despite several relapses after taking them for quite some time.

I was psychotic and grandiose so yeah felt better but if I get problems with the police I wouldn’t like that. Also I ran out of money and returned home from Germany, I lived alone there for 6 months. Also my parents and society weren’t happy because of my behaviors. Now I don’t have those issues but don’t feel good.

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