Should i sue? (poll)

hiking along the highways is not a crime, it’s not allowed on interstates from what I’ve been told but I was under the impression that it was allowed on highways. that they were hiking trails before they were roads and it was a right. despite this I’ve been arrested 5 or 6 times for it and spent a month or so in jail. should I talk to a lawyer about a lawsuit?

  • yes you should look into it
  • no let it go

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Why didn’t you stop doing it after being arrested the first time?


Let it go 151515

because they were in the wrong. I thought they were just cops and that the courts would issue a higher ruling on it.

It’s good to fight for a cause but there are worse things going on in the world all the time. Maybe shift your attention there.

Just my thoughts.

What did the courts say?

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he’s a douchebag with a crew cut and a gun. two things that don’t apply to me. o and a car. I don’t want to drive

dropped the charges. but I never sued. some little girl just got 300,000 for being put in handcuffs at school. heck I’ve been tased 3 times and actually thrown in jail.

and then as an insult they dressed us in pink jumpsuits.

Just because they dropped it doesn’t mean you were in the right.


I know im right about it. the people (taxpayers) and the culture (police state) are wrong about what they think they can legislate. I have rights.

If you feel that strongly about it then try to sue,

But I have a feeling you’ll be disappointed in the result and probably waste a lot of money in the process.

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How was Maricopa County Jail?

i’d take my winnings. buy a house on the golf course, and play golf the rest of my life. I am going to look into it. I am a American Hero who stood up for my rights. not a soldier who infringes upon them for a living.

Why would you keep walking on highway if you get arrested? That’s just stupid.

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Sounds like it would not work. Not a lawyer, but the state is going to say that it’s unsafe, and they have a point. They have the right to tell people to wear seatbelts and helmets and how fast they can go. It’s been determined that it is constitutional for them to make laws about how you travel on the highway. So I don’t think you would get very far with that.

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id say its not worth the headache…just let it go and enjoy being the bigger person

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It’s illegal to walk on the highways in my state. Idk about yours, but here you can get arrested because it is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike.


If you aren’t taking our advice into consideration you are just here to argue…let it go…you were in the wrong totally.

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Well, if you sued and lost you would be out all the money you paid for an attorney. And you possibly could be liable for the court costs. Also, the case might drag on for weeks or months and be pretty stressful. But if you want to risk it I think the first step is finding out for sure what the law is about highways in your state or others you’ve been in. Just to play devils advocate, have you ever even once seen someone else walking on highways? Seems to me that if it was legal you would see other people on them all the time.


There’s one sure way to find out if you have a case … approach a lawyer that works on contigency only. If he won’t touch the case, you don’t have grounds to pursue this legally.