Should i stop taking vitamins?

they are pretty harmless
no side effects
they are beneficial for nerves , arteries , veins , bones and whole body
my doctor recommended me not to take pills or injections
i take one injection of long acting vitamins vit b6, b9 and b12 one injection per week
and multivitamins one pill with either breakfast , dinner or rarely launch one pill per day
is there any harm from that ?
i feel good about them

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I’ve heard a couple of people in AA say that B-12 shots are good for alcoholic withdrawals. I hope I don’t have to find out.

I doubt it’s going to hurt you. Particularly the multivitamin. The shots probably aren’t necessary, but they’re not gonna hurt.

I can’t take vitamins they affect my heart.

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Are you a vegetarian? That’s another reason people get b vitamin shots.

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I don’t know. Possibly.
I think basically if you have a good, healthy, varied diet with protein, dairy, lots of different colored vegetables and “good” carbs you should get all the vitamins you need. Basically. I guess I left out beans or legumes. Beans are good roughage.

I assume you researched the vitamins you are taking. There’s lots of theories about vitamins out there. Many people make claims about how wonderful vitamins are and how they cure anything from colds to cancer to gout. Some people claim lots of vitamins don’t really do anything. It’s rather confusing.

I read in Prevention Magazine, which is a very popular and well known health magazine, that vitamins are not necessary and possibly dangerous for most Americans, and unfortunately 50% of Americans take vitamins and supplements every day. Prevention says they are throwing their money out the window. LOL!!!