Should I stop my meds?

I feel fine. The meds don’t seem to help. I also like to drink.

I figured you were a boozer with your Troll posts.

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Calm down big fella…

See what your pdoc has to say about it. You can get in real trouble coming off your med’s. If you have any tendencies towards violence I wouldn’t do it. I didn’t get physically violent when I came off my med’s, but I sure got emotionally violent. There are a number of places I can’t go today because I was so horrible when I was there.


Don’t quit your meds without talking to your pdoc. It could make you sick.


Man, if that sentence raised any more red flags you’d be standing in Tiananmen Square in China.


Seriously, smarten up. If booze is contraindicated by your meds, it’s no go and that’s the end of it. Also? You feel fine because of your meds, take them away and you’re dancing on banana peels.

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Talk to your doctor before making any changes.

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I drink on meds not a big deal

You probably feel good because of the meds. I would be careful. Drinking while on aps is dangerous.

Maybe talk about it with your pdoc.

What work you expect of the meds ?

Go right ahead. Stop the meds. Tell me how you are feeling a month from now and I’ll decide if I want to change my mind. Good luck. You’ll need it.

My doctor is on board with me eliminating my mood stabilizer.
But I remain on an AP.

Talk with your doctor and see what they say.
Drinking won’t help your situation either.

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