Should I still go walking round my neighborhood?

Today was the first time I went out and about in my neighborhood walked about 3 to 4 blocks. Felt kind of watched and talked about. I only would drive if I felt any form of anxiety. Moved to South California from the north recently.

Do you live in a big city :slight_smile:
Either way I say yes!!! But just wondering.

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It’s a pretty small city but in orange County close to where Disney land is. Walked to small shopping plaza, felt not well received at the local lingerie shop but I was a pretty good customer. And nobody greeted me at the other shop. What gives.

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Don’t take it too personally:). Some people might just be having a bad day and feeling antisocial!

I wouldn’t take it too personal. I hear people say weird things about me all the time. A lot of it could be in my head I suppose.

But today, this cool dude bummed a smoke off me and we had a good conversation.

You just have to put yourself out there.

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