Should I stay Self-Employed?

A job I am perfectly qualified for working as a Senior Information Analyst has arisen in my home town (10 min commute!) - and it will pay more than my previous Senior Insight Analyst job I left last March.

It’s for the UK’s National Health Service, and they have extremely good benefits working for them. These jobs are like gold dust.

Because I apparently have a ‘disability’, my employment advisor has told me to tick yes to the box for an equality based mandatory interview on my next application if I have the required experience - so the chances of getting an interview is very high as this is a job I have done before.

The question is, do I go back to working as an Analyst - which I love. Or, do I continue to work as a Landscaper self employed, with all the flexibility and risk that carries?

My main reason for applying to this new role is the organisation and the fact it’s in healthcare, so rather than working for a profit based company, it would be for the good of others.

I like being self-employed, and the money is good - I have earned well out of it so far during a pandemic, and also I have a lot of quotes to do.

Just not entirely sure what I would do if I was to be offered this role. They’re a disability friendly environment, so I would expect that the challenges I had in my previous employment doing this kind of work with my line manager just would not happen.

IDK. Maybe if anyone here can give me their opinion based on the info here I’d appreciate the feedback on my career choices


As I’ve gotten older and seen my friends in the system it’s really a worthwhile thing to think about your future. Over here a good government job also means good retirement money in superannuation. I would think you’ve nothing to lose by applying. See what the job is about and if it fits I think it’s worth a shot. You can always go back to self employed as you know.

That is me and I am on a pension and don’t work for a living but seeing friends live their lives some stability and good employment in the future really can be gold in itself.


I agree with @rogueone . My first question to you was going to be, how old are you? If you got another 20 years of hard labour in you and you love what you’re doing, that’s one thing.

But if you’re starting to get older and foresee health problems from doing the work you’re doing, it’s an extra incentive to think about taking the government job. You basically can’t be fired, and they’ve got your back no matter what


I am 33

This is a good point!

I also don’t want the hassle of employing people

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Can’t hurt to check out. It sounds like your kind of excited about the prospect actually

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I agree with this too. You can try it and always have the landscaping job to fall back on if it doesn’t work out.

It would be a shame to let an opportunity like this Analyst job go by without even attempting. You may not get many other chances like this in the future.


Since you love working as an analyst, ie you won’t be dead bored, I think it’s a good job for you.

Sounds amazing actually.

I would definitely definitely definitely give the interview a shot if I were you from what you’ve said.

And it’s true, you can keep this job into old age since it’s not physically demanding. Sounds perfect!!

Best of wishes with the interview if you decide to go ahead with it @Joker


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