Should I stay friends with this guy?

I met a guy in hospital and we stayed friends when we got out. Well, he would call me sometimes. He initiated contact. He’s a good guy who talks a lot, which makes up for my awkward silences which is why I like him, but he has some issues. He’s always talking about how he goes to prostitutes and just last week he told me he likes to anally pleasure himself with a dildo while he’s with them. I’m a simple guy and I’m not comfortable talking about that. So what do you guys think, should I continue to talk to him?

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I would out and out tell him that you are not comfortable talking about anal sex, period. And if he continues to talk about it, discontinue your friendship with him.


I say the same as @SkinnyMe. Let him know you don’t want to discuss sex (I’d make it easy by saying any sex talk at all so there isn’t some other fetish that bothers you). If he continues to discuss sex at all with you, let him know if he can’t respect your wishes on that matter, you’re too uncomfortable to continue being friends with him.


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