Should i start working?

I begin trial shifts on Tuesday at a cafe bar. It would be full time 4x10hrs shifts. I live in a small town where about 15.000 citizens live. I am just recovering from negatives symptoms and major depression. I dont get benefits so I am fully dependent on my mom. I also feel if i lose this opportunity it will be hard to find another one. I did find this job when I was feeling really good for no reason and i feel a bit down now. My hands sometimes shake when I carry cup of coffee. It is the minimum pay job.


Sounds like a good job to test the waters with. Take it easy and don’t overwhelm yourself. Me, I worry about how the voices would affect my work.

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Give it a try, I say. You might like it.

If you have no other means to support yourself, then you’re in exactly the position I found myself in 6 years ago.

I decided I had to work, and I got used to it and don’t look back now.

Work is hard, but that’s the reason you get paid to do it.

Unfortunately if you don’t have money, you have to do what you can to earn it to live - just like everyone else has too.

Keep some perspective.

I started out as a Landscaper Labourer, then had my own business. The got Dx’d and got a job after 6 months packing envelopes, and now I am an analyst.

What you start doing doesn’t matter. Just get going and find those opportunities that make working work for you as best as possible, and ensure that you work your way up the ladder gradually so you get used to it.

Like boiling a frog in water thing. It won’t move when you heat the water slowly.

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I wouldn’t start out working full-time. I recommend getting a part-time job first and see how you manage.

Go for it, there will be quiet periods where you getting paid for doing nothing so it wont be that bad, might be alot of work when its busy though.

I think you should go for it. Give it your all and see if you have it in you. If you can’t do it at least you know you did your best. But maybe, just maybe you can do it and you’ll be happy you did it. Either way good luck.

If it helps with your problems, by all means go for it.

Just get ready for the amount of stress you’ll receive from said job.

Could be a good thing for you for sure.

Don’t worry about your hands shaking-- you’ll surely get steadier as time passes.

Good luck! :sunflower:

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