Should i start taking lexapro again?

Hi. I was on lexapro before my recent hospitalization and i felt good on it. It elavated my mood and I socialized on it much more. When i was at a hospital they just took it off from me probably I was too manic. I also think it might have contributed to my relalapse. Without it im quite lethargic and i lay on my bed the whole day. I still have a box of lexapro pills and I was thinking of start taking it again. The last time i was at my pdoc we didnt have much time to discuss to take it again, she just asked if i need it prescribed and I told her that i was weaned off from it. My pdoc only works on mondays and wednesdays, so i would need to wait until monday to ask her, instead i could stary taking it again and stary feeling the effects. My current pdoc was the one who prescribed me lexapro initially.

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Probably because you need it.