Should I start looking for work after the covid-19 is over?

I made a thread a few a days ago on about how people have will to get to work

But myself I don’t seem I have any free will unless I feeling good.

So I started to realize what is reality. I always seem to feel the need to find the missing part of myself. But the anwser came to me.

I feel like I have will.
Maybe I feel better and can start working.

Maybe I should start after covid-19 is over?

covid-19 might be around for years. I would just focus on getting better and maybe volutneering, working, or going to school if you can.

Sometimes I doubt I have free will too. Even humanity. But nobody really knows. People have questioned and pondered for a millennia. I think the psychosis makes us perceive things more that normies don’t notice or feel.

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Yes. I wanted to test myself when volunteering.

I’ve used to do volunteering about 3 years ago.
It felt like I couldn’t do focus work or hear what they saying.
Senior attendance.
I guessed I wasn’t socially

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