Should I sell my MacBook that I never use?

I paid £1000 for it about 5 months again, its the newest model with the Apple M1 chip in it. I have only used it a hand full of times since I purchased it. I don’t like the small screen after using a 27’’ iMac for years. If I were to sell I would get £500 for it from a pawn shop, probably more if I sell it privately. Or I could keep it and probably not use it but it would come in handy if I travel on holiday. I don’t need the money from selling it and losing £500 is a big loss. What do you think?

If I were in that position I would toss a coin to decide.

Keep it or donate to charity or give to friend or family

If you don’t need it and you rarely use it, you might as well sell it. Having it sitting around collecting dust doesn’t so you any good and the value will likely go down the longer you hold on to it.


Bowens idea is good, go with that!! :ok_hand:

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This is a user who is known for making poor financial decisions. Also, Macs do hold onto their value longer than other computers. @bobbilly, suggest you bring this up with the person who manages your finances and get their direction.


I got £750 for mine about 1 month ago on eBay

Probably about £670 after fees

It sold within 2 hours at asking price


My question would be if you do decide to sell it: Why a pawn shop though? Seems like you would take a greater loss at a pawn shop than reselling it on ebay or to someone you know or something.

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İ also bought macbookair 1 month ago but my girlfriend distrupt to password and i have to send for format.but its not working properly after service.i spend 1200 dollar.its very expensive for turkey.lame

Sell it! 151515

Yeah, sell it as the money you could ask now is bigger than a year later and so on…

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