Should I see my stepbrother this weekend?

He lives 4 1/2 hours away and I would have to go with my parents at 7:30am tomorrow morning, and come back sunday.

We are not going out anywhere, and just staying in the house he lives in, and drinking beer and getting a take away

I have not seen him since Christmas.

Being honest I don’t want to go up to see him. I have my routine at the weekends, and this is really going to throw me out big time.

He chose to move that far away from his family, and he has no good reason to stay there.

I am not against people getting benefits, but in his case he is just being lazy, and has not worked for 10 years now, and he sponges of the government.

There is nothing physically or mentally wrong with him.

Honestly his life style really irritates me, but not more than the fact that he lives so far away.

He should be here with family, as he has no good reason to live where he does other than he has a few friends there.

My dad is now 65/66? He won’t be around forever, and I think he takes things for granted. Truth is we only have so much time in life to see the people we care about, and he has chosen to leave for over ten years.

I will tell him all this eventually, but it just angers me.

Am I being unreasonable, and should I go or not?


I’d say don’t go.

well it’s your decision, i had similiar thoughts about my brother and sister who live thousands of miles away, but i got over that and accept that i only see them once or twice a year and act like im happy to see them. we all have our own lives to live i reckon, so im at peace with their choices now. at least it gives me free lodging when i visit them.

What you say makes a lot of sense.

He originally moved there to be with a partner he met on the internet

They split up years ago, but now they live together in the same house share

It’s a bit weird and I probably could not explain everything that makes me feel this way.

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I wouldn’t go if I felt that strongly. But it really depends if your other family members want you there!

How do your parents feel about your not wanting to go? Can you disagree with them?

I told my mother this morning that I didn’t want to go, and I told her pretty much what I posted here.

She basically said it’s up to me.

The problem is I agreed to it, and he is expecting me to go.

I don’t know how people go away for weekends when they have to work.

My shopping I do at 9am on a saturday, and I wash my clothes as well on that day. I have a few quotes to do, and some DIY in my flat. On top of that I will miss two swimming sessions at the gym

It’s just so disruptive.

The thought of being in a house with people and being expected to communicate continuously makes me feel sick

I need my alone time to recharge. :-/

Then say no go.

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