Should i restart quetiapine?

Whats the minimum dosage of quetiapine for psychosis? Is it 100mgs? I was put on only one depot injection of haloperidol 50mgs a month and 300mg of quetiapine. I quit quetiapine two years ago due to being lethargic at work and restless legs. Right now im on haloperidol 2x50mgs a month and 10mgs brintellix. Should i try quetiapine again? P.s. my doctor’s appointment is far away and im a bit symptomatic - feeling uneasy, weird thoughts.

What medications you should or should not be on falls outside the ability of this forums members to recommend. It’s really not appropriate for us to even try to alter your medications. I would suggest trying to call your doctor and leave a message if unable to talk to directly. Hopefully they can get back to you.


I can only speak for myself and I’m not competent to advice you. I take Seroquel to quell the weird voices and thoughts so now I’ve got non of that.

I love my seroquel… seroquel

Go get your Seroquel I’m on 550 mg Seroquel and take that with a Conventional antipsychotics as well.