Should I resent my friend

I have a friend who alot of people like but she gets with a lot of men and can’t get a boyfriend. Im starting to suspect I can’t get a man because if I have a man she’s going to be jealous and want to kill herself so people jeopardize my relationships so she won’t be suicidal in jealousy.

Is that me being mean even rhinking that ? I only feel comfortable acknowledge ing this anonymous ly

That’s really messed up to think.

Her mental state shouldn’t prevent you from living your life.

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Yea I agree with @naturallycured.

You deserve to live your life. No matter what others think.

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I think you’re just over thinking x
She’d probably be okay if you got into a relationship.

Im sure if she’s your friend she’d be really happy for you, otherwise I’d question if she was your friend

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