Should I quit meds

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No offence, but you seem like a stuck record. You keep repeating the same Q.

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yes because i’m desperate to quit meds

No. They’re probably helping you a lot more than you realise. You just don’t like them and the idea of using them

I wasn’t paranoid before meds

Now I am

That’s probably because that level of the illness hadn’t hit you just yet. or you’ve only developed the insight to realise you are right now and weren’t able to see that back then.

I don’t have an illness

Did the doctor diagnose you?

Yes but i dont believe them

No one here is going to suggest or encourage you to go off your meds.

I don’t understand why you made the thread.

Don’t you have your own thread for this kind of repetitive stuff?

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i hope people let me go off meds since i dont need em

I realize you’re a child, but you’re very, very immature.

You need to grow up a little and see your situation for what it is.

You don’t have the option to go off meds, so why even think about it?


How am I being immature?

You do zero critical thinking.

You just jump on whatever you want and cling to it.

That’s why it’s so hard to reason with you.

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I do critical thinking you just don’t see it

I would stick with them. I have the same delemma starting and stopping. Been doing it for years now. But I’m getting on them again cause I think there’s more benefits than not having them.

Why don’t you participate in the forum instead of repeating the same thread about quitting meds? Is it hard?

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Yes its hard because im obsessed

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Why should I stay on them

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One minute you are on meds then you say I don’t want or need them. Then off meds you say you think you need them. This yo yoing isn’t good for anyone - especially yourself.

Listen, I don’t think you are doing it on purpose but I think you have fallen into the trap of needing the attention wanting, then not wanting, meds provides. Look at the numbers of posts you have here.

Getting hooked on attention/drama is easily done but it doesn’t serve your end

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