Should I opt for 2MG Abilify or stop it altogether?

A bit of background info. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia four years ago (almost). I have not had another break since then. Early Intervention discharged me a while back because they only see you for three years. But I went and saw my GP a few months later and requested a referral to another pdoc. I went to see them but did not see a pdoc. She was a GP specialising in mental health. At least i think so. Anyway, she told me to stay on them however after consulting a consultant psychiatrist she told me I can come off my 5MG Abilify in about six months because it is probably not much of an affective dose. The reason why they gave me six months is because i have a spending issue which they want to see if its linked to the illness or not so they told me to take it on a regular basis (which to be honest i was not doing) to see if it helps.