Should I not take clozapine

From what I’ve read it seems to be the last resort drug

I take it. No side effects except drooling.
Dont hesitate


Is it helping? If so, it’s a good drug to be on.

Yes, it’s typically a last resort, but also because it’s very reliable. It works well. Every drug has side effects, but not everyone gets all those side effects.


Yes, it’s typically for treatment resistant Schizophrenia. As long as it’s working for you and side effects aren’t too bad , I’d stick with it.

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@LED yes its working well


Then I think it’s a good choice for you. Better to find a drug that works than having to keep going through one after another trying. It took me almost 4 years to find one that worked well. I tried over a dozen different meds. It was miserable.

What medicine are you on currently and what dose

I’m on 32mg perphenazine.

it is a last resort drug but if it’s helping you then why not…

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For some reason, most of the side effects stopped some month(s) ago. That includes most of the drooling and the trouble swallowing. At the same time, my average heart rate dropped by about 10 bpm, and the amount of hair shed diminished markedly.


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Hey how r u :slight_smile:

Clozapine inflamed my heart. I’m on larisadone now.

But they will monitor your blood enzymes to track if your heart is inflamed with the blood tests.

All meds have side effects.
Clozapine is no exception.

Make sure you report any side effect to your doctor.