Should i make friends from girls?

At work I have no fellow men
All are girls some are ms and. Some are mrs
I afraid to make friends from both
Usually married dont like make friends from men they dont know
Unmarried usually looking for further in relation
And i want only make friend :cry::cry:
More worse from that
And i living in egypt :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Egyptian and living in egypt
Pls help


Say hello in a lunch area. Ask their name. Shake a hand.

I’m sure you will find something in common. :slight_smile:


Whatever you want is up to you. If you just want a friend start talking to someone you like. If you want a date someone there, then be friendly and get to know her and see if you click and ask her out to coffee or lunch. If all you want is sex than that’s a different story. There’s always competition for that and women usually spot this type a mile away. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance but to me all the effort it takes ain’t worth it.


Do you have any sort of mental health services there. Like groups for the mentally ill? They help a lot, met many great people.

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May be i have no idea

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