Should I leave?

I live with my grandmother and she has alzheimers. It’s been a nightmare dealing with her illness. My cousin lives here and helps. Her illness is causing my schiz to flair up.

My grandmother married my grandfather before I was born. My mom and aunt are her step daughters. My entire life my grandmother never wanted anything to do with her biological family. Her brother fathered a kid with his own daughter. Her sister stole their parents estate.

Before she got sick her priest told her she needed to make amends with her family. She invited them into our lives. Now she’s forgotten all the horrible things they did.

Before my grandmother got sick she made a will leaving everything to my me my aunt and mom. If my mom goes first I get her half of the estate. My mom has stage 4 lung cancer the worst form of it.

My grandmothers family is manipulating her against us. The will is set in stone and iron clad. Her family snuck her to a lawyer and convinced her to try and undo the will. Except we have notes from her doctor that she’s in capable of making her own decisions.

Basically my family is at war with my grandmothers family. They call my grandmother and tell her we’re stealing everything. Which causes my schiz to go bug-o. I don’t like being accused of stealing especially by someone I’ve always loved and trusted.

My grandmother has fallen a couple times and I already has social services show up on our door step. Her family says I was abusing her.

We’ve blocked phone calls from her family. They live 2 hours away. Two times last month they called the cops to do a welfare check. I don’t like cops showing up on my doorstep at 10 pm.

I’ve lived with my grandmother for 18 years. I’ve been taking care of her for 2. My mom is sick and my aunt hasn’t been over since Xmas. This has all been on my shoulders.

Right now section 8 is open in my area. I’ve only lived on my own twice. Once I made it a year the second time 6 months. I kept getting fired from my jobs and had to move back home.

I’m on SSDI now. I’m wondering if I should go for the section 8 and leave this situation to my aunt. I feel like a trapped animal and I want out. Screw the estate I just want out.

I’m really conflicted part of me wants to stay and fight but I don’t want to end up in jail for something I didn’t do. I don’t like being accused of stealing or beating her up. I’ve installed camera’s in the house in case something happens they can’t blame me.

If I take the section 8 it’s an hour away from here. I’ve had my current doctor for 20 years. I’m worried I’d have to switch doctors and find one closer. I’ve had run ins with some screw ball doctors before I met my current one. I’d hate to cross paths with a doctor that don’t support my disability.

I don’t know what to do.

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I feel the same way, it’s easier there’s less stress on my shoulders. If I were you I’d leave, no ones supporting you.

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I farm my mothers land and my mom made a will and my brother accused me of influencing my mom to make her change her will. I did not do that but he has audio recordings suggesting otherwise apparently , I don’t believe there’s anything in them. So The ownership of the land in the future is uncertain, I do all the work so I should get the land it’s that simple. Of course the world is unfair so the courts may decide in favour of my brother and the land will be split four ways (there’s four of us)

Facing all of this and with the stress of the work,I contemplated and planned killing my brother and burning my other brothers house down. As a result of theses thoughts I decided to leave the farm. That way I won’t have worked all these years and lost anything.

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Your brother can’t record you without your permission. No court will except audio recordings without consent it’s considered eavesdropping. If your brother wants to challenge the will he can take the estate to arbitration and the courts will decide. Go back and make a list of everything you’ve done. If you are your mothers caretaker the courts will take that into consideration if they divide the estate. I document everything around here. I have a little book I write every event in it.

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That’s one of the things my solicitor told me to do. But I don’t have the foresight to write in a journal every day and there’s no way I’d remember every thing that happened between us so I guess I’m kinda screwed. My bad brother is methodical though he would for sure be writing every instance down

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