Should I leave things as they are?

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to gather some opinions from people as to whether or not I should insist on seeking a diagnosis for my condition. To be brief, I have had issues with mental health much of my life - anxiety, depression and what I’ve come to know as psychosis. I have been on a whole bunch of anti depressants and medication like lithium. I have been in a psychiatric hospital once (a long time ago) for assessment and I’m not sure what their conclusions were to be honest.

Last summer I went to see a psychiatrist. At the time I was asked if I hear voices. I answered no, when the truth was that I had been hearing voices for a very long time. I had simply become so accustomed to my way of living that I did not understand that what i had been experiencing was abnormal. As a result the psychiatrist prescribed me with some anti-depressant

A few weeks later I experienced audio and visual hallucinations, severe paranoia / psychosis. The voices became more obvious. It was a very frightening time and my GP put me on olanzapine. Since starting on this medication I have felt a lot better and no longer hear voices or feel that people are talking about me etc.

I asked my GP what they thought was wrong with me and I was told that they had me down as having a ‘personality disorder’…but nothing more was said and what this was was not even explained to me. After a lifetime of mental health issues I have lost all confidence in health care professionals as it seems that they don’t appear to have my interests in mind. I sometimes feel that all they do is write their prescriptions and don’t really feel the need to trouble themselves further. Perhaps I am being unfair on my Dr.

I am thinking that if I went back to see the psychiatrist and told them the full facts about what I have been experiencing there is a high likelihood that i will be told that I have schizophrenia.

What I would like peoples opinion on is whether it is worthwhile doing this? On the one hand, I don’t especially want to be labelled & I’m taking olanzapine which would probably not be changed. But on the other hand it would help me to make sense of my life to know for sure.

What would you do?

I would seek an opinion from a qualified psychiatrist. The olanzapine will wreak havoc on your cholesterol, triglycerides, and weight, and possibly diabetes. The GP may not be aware of this or closely monitoring your blood levels.

I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and take medication to control my blood sugar. My understanding is that all of the anti psychotic medications have pretty dreadful side effects. But I appreciate your reply.

Well, in MY experience, I have had much better luck with the first-generation meds. Not many people share this characteristic. I’m sorry to hear you have diabetes. That REALLY sucks.

Good thing: You get to know why. Right medication/treatment. You can search for other ppl w same experience.

Bad thing: stigma. You can get a label before ppl know you. It can be harder to find a job.