Should I increase my clozapine dose?

I feel paranoid and my clozapine dose is only 25mg. With dr approval ofc

After you up the dose you might feel relief but after some period you need to take more dose. Then the side effects of high dose start to notice. You can check in other threads about the various side effects. Its always a trade off between various effects. If you can manage paranoia with certain strategies like ignoring, avoiding people etc then it will be better as you are very young and starting high dose high potent AP can result in various issues in future.

Like what issues?

See this post made by a user who taking clozapine for years.

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Should i change meds then

Please stop asking the forum if you should change meds or asking for med advice. That is for your doctor.

It puts our members on the spot and can get them suspended for offering medical advice.

But i need advice :confused:

Our only advice is ask your doctor. They know what is best.

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I for one don’t think this is something someone else can decide I think only you can this is your meds and your body in the end all you can do is do research and do what you feel is right for you

I was going to ask my doctor obviously

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Good. But asking “should I do this” isn’t going to net you the answers you want.