Should I hold a grudge against my sister forever? No I shouldnt

My sister NEVER answers her phone when I need help. I have to badger her for three days before she finally agrees to talk to me. One day she might need me. It’s like, she has her boyfriend, so she doesn’t need me, so she refuses to talk to me. I look at my mom and her sister’s brother just died and they talk every single day and my mom is there for her in times of need. And she is there for my mom in times of need. Reciprocity you know? I don’t think I’ll hold a GRUDGE against my sister forever. But say, one day my sister needs me, I won’t exactly be motivated to help her out?? I kind of am spiteful for her because she’s never there for me really when I need her most. Why help her when she doesn’t help me? I know that day will come, maybe it’s not here yet. But I can’t see me being very “motivated” to helping her. I don’t hate my sister and we get along really well but it’s just frustrating ughh.

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I think posting this out loud, made me decided I should help her out. Because that’s no way to treat family. Always forgive, never forget. But make it seem like I forgot. But really I won’t forget. But I should forgive and take the high road. Just typing this out gave me a change of mindset. But really I think it’s wrong she never helps me when I need her, but I believe in being a good helpful person so I will help her. Thanks -Chew


Give the biatch what she deserves, bro.

Even though I’m her younger brother. I remember one day my mom said to me “You will always be her younger brother to her…no matter what you achieve” and I got mad at that notion. I think if I will help her out after all these years of her not helping me out…I will no longer be “just her younger brother” and it will reflect my maturity. And maybe I should stop going to her for help after she fails to deliver the past couple years whenever I needed it.

Grudges are nasty things that eat the insides out of their holders; I know.


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Same here with my sisters. And to mum I’m always her baby.

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definitely! that batch needs a good half cup of nuts. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

we’re talking about cookie dough, right? :confused:

I didn’t read the long post yet. :disappointed_relieved:

my sister and I are not too close. in fact, I think she envies the relationship I have with my brother.

my sister is older than me. I don’t hate her because it’s not quite good, under God, to not like family. but I don’t really talk with her that much either…

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Youngest siblings unite!!! Younger siblings often end up being more mature, and just better overall :wink: (okay i’m biased) but younger siblings have less of an “ego” because they don’t have the “oh i’m better because i’m older” thing going for them. So it creates humility. This post sounds pretty contradictory but overall the message is truth!!! We are the best, because we don’t think we’re the best. Okay another conundrum there. YOUNGER SIBLINGS POWER turtle!!! :wink: glad I could be somewhat comedic right now

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My fist is in the air as I type this!

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my sister is pretty cool, she usually answers the phone but she is busy a lot of the time too, i dont phone her to unload though i just shoot the breeze mostly and let her know whats happening, we meet a couple of times a week, every Saturday or Sunday usually a Sunday and then i try and see her on the Wednesday, i’m glad i have a good relationship with my sis, its a blessing,

idk why your sister doesn’t talk to you, maybe ask her and try to change.

and yes ‘younger siblings do rule’ :fist: haha