Should I hide a knife to be safe?

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Dont be a plonker. If your feeling paranoid talk to your carer about it. Im sure your quite safe. Try not to engage in risky behaviour - you will heap a ton of crap on yourself.


I’m not being a plonker… i really feel unsafe

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Instead of sharing here - your better off talking to your foster parents, they will be the ones to re-assure you, im sure they are trained to deal with your issues.

Your not daft - you know damn well hiding knives to possibly use is gonna make things worse for you.

You don’t need a Knife. If you feel unsafe talk to the staff. If you stab someone you will go to jail.

I wont stab someone unless they try to kill me first

Knifes, psychotic people and courts don’t gel well.

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You need to find ways to keep your mind busy. I know meds slow your brain down, but you still can make progress. The knife thing sounds like a random thought rooted in boredom.

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I’m not currently psychotic and court had nothing to do with it

idk what it is but i feel unsafe

the foster parents dont give a ■■■■ - also my appointment is in approx 2 weeks :frowning:

There comes a time, when you gotta take personal responsbility for your thoughts and actions. Slagging off your foster parents aint helping.

Just cos you got an MI is not a ticket to engage in dangerous behaviour.

it’s not dangerous - i’d be responsible with it

@Crystal-Cotton. 99% of the time there is no reason to hide a weapon… Talk to your pdoc or therapist about it

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Wish i could but my appointment is 1st of March :confused:

Talk to the foster parent ask them to call your provider for you if you hide a knife you can be called a danger to yourself or others and may be put into the hospital

I’m not a danger to anyone
Its just for self defence

I know sweetie but others may not see it that way

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I do realise that but im scared of the other people

How about this… Don’t trust them… Trust me… If talking to them makes things worse yell and vent at me and call me every name you can think of… I wish I could be there for you more or I’d be right there with you

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