Should i have not

Should i have not told my pdoc about my new symptoms? now i’m worried about him making me go to the hospital. i’m not a threat to myself or others.

You should always share new symptoms. The doctors can help, and if you are not a threat, they will not hospitalize you.


You need to tell your doc about what’s happening to you…

As long as your NOT a threat to yourself or others… they aren’t going to send you to hospital.

But if you do tell your doc what’s going on… they will have a better picture on how to help you.

I took me a very long time to trust my doc… but eventually I’ve learned… the more open I am with him… the more he’s likely to take me more seriously.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon


i’m just worried about him, he’s mentioned hospitalization before and i told him no.

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He might have just been letting you know it’s an option if you need it…

my doc used to do that… but he never ordered me to go…

For me… it’s always been the cops taking me in when I was crumbling in public.


Its good to be open with your symptoms.

You are not a threat, so I would not worry about going to the Hospital


ccbrown, so long as you let him know and feel that you are not a threat to yourself or others then you should be fine for the most part. Don’t give up!


Thanks everyone, he raised my haldol to 15mgs and he I guess really wants to see me next month at his first opening which isn’t until August 4th.