Should I go?

I feel bothered whenever i receive invitation for job interview from the government. I have a few invitations now but i struggled i dont want to go. I’m certain the job would be more demanding than my current ones. I doubt if I could manage that. And i dont have nice clothes I’ll be in my tee and sport shoes. I want to stop trying government job.

What do u think? If i feel really stressful, is it alright dont go?

All thus , All thus that You Have Shared , Has Already Been Written.

So WHY Are You Copying Someones Post (probs naught) , and WHY Would You Post it Again (???) ,

if You Don’t Have a Good Answer … ,

Check Mate.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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Tip Toe Round to Tie Up , Perhaps … ,

Am e(Y)e Being Paranoid Here (???) ,

Please Feel Free to Answer as Quickly as Possible … ,

Some of Us Could Need a Helping Hand … ,

Naught Me tho Cause e(Y)e Have an Impressive Doctor With Her Trust in Me , , ,


A Pretty Cool Therapist … ,

So , Please , Feel Free … … …