Should I go off Clozapine and change to less potent AP

I think its too strong

What were you thinking of trying?

You should take what your psychiatrist wants you to take

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Geodon or something like thqt

cloz makes me tired af

Check with them if its available in your country for the treatment of sz. It isn’t here where I am.

That sucks. When do you turn 18? Then you can make your own treatment choices.

yes its available but its called Zeldox here

In the end of January

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Buspar is pretty good. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

It isn’t an antipsychotic though

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I think you should discuss this with your psychiatrist. We don’t know what meds or what dosages you should take.

Ask your pdoc, if you can tapper down your dosage of Clozapine. This may help you.
If you’re not happy with being on clozapine, you might want to talk to your CPN about not being happy with the meds you are on.
I came off clozapine successfully and I am now on Quetiapine & Amisulpride. It takes time to find the medication that suits you. Everyone reacts differently. What may suit one may not suit another.
Nesta :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m on only 300mg so idk

i have been on and off Clozaril several times.
clozapine ends up being better each time but on a high dose
im on 500 now was up to 600
the recommended high dose is 400

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