Should I go for 10mg abilify for mind reading along with 234mg invega and 3mg risperdal

Been on 234mg invega for 3 years and recently started 3mg of risperdal about two weeks ago for anxiety and voices, but not much help for mind reading and comments from my family.
Should I wait with risperdal or add abilify 10mg or something else recommended? I’m sza

Some things medicine can’t fix. But I would talk to your doctor and see what he recommends. I would go on abilify if I was you.

Isnt mind reading something you are going to have to work on yourself? Like it sounds more of a cognitive problem rather than something a medication can solve. You have to reason with yourself and remember that if you don’t have evidenve for someone elses thoughts you can’t assume you know what they are.

I would definitely talk to your doctor about it and see what they’re saying. They will be much better at drawing a conclusion based on your current mood etc.

İ m taking 350 mg trevicta plus 100 mg seroquel and i m almost free from paranoia and delusions.

Yes you should.

No, mindreading is a psychotic problem and requires antipsychotics. I know. I suffered from treatment resistant telepathy (mindreading) for over 30 years. I suffered terribly with it. I am now being successfully treated with three AP’s. One of them a depot. @StarCrazy @Ale